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25 Amazing Historical Facts You Probably Never Knew

25 Hilarious Historical Facts You Won't Believe Ever Happened

As the ancient saying says: "Anyone who has no past will do it again." Yeah, it's vital to know your history — not just the great names and main dates, maybe just a little information that helps us appreciate a historical figure or period. Not all history is toxic dates and figures — it can be really funny, too. 
Did you know, for example, that Romans brush their teeth with pee?! And did you know that Hitler assisted to design a car we still drive today? 
You wonder how many things you really know about the history of the world ...

Well, here we are going to show you some of the weird facts about history that you don't learn in school!

1. Turkeys were once adorated as gods

Though turkey is the favorite part of Thanksgiving meal in America at present, in 300 B.C. The Mayan people declared these big birds as vessels to the gods, and they were honored to play a part in religious rituals. The turkey was now America's favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal, but in 300 B.C., the Mayan people had heralded such massive birds as god vessels and were so revered that they were domesticated for religious rituals. They were symbols of dominance and prestige, and Maya iconography and archaeology can be identified.

2. Potatoe was never popular in France

At first, in France, the potatoes were not very popular. This changed as the potato was promoted by Antoine-Augustin Parmentier as a food source for humans in France. He would wrap his patch with his potato guard during the day, suggesting that there were valuable goods to grow, then remove the guards at night to get people to steal the potatoes.

3. The cats of the planet were primarily declared war by Pape Gregory IX in the thirteenth century

Gregory stressed in particular the connection of Black cats with the worship of Satan, contributing to their widespread extinction throughout Europe. It is thought that the cats' scarcity caused the population of rats to expand over time, which helped spread the bubonic plague a couple of decades later.

4. Spaghetti tree prank

The BBC successfully pranked many of its audiences in 1957 by telling them that Switzerland is enjoying a great spaghetti crop at present.

5. At the Ancient Olympics, the athletes played naked. 

The sportsmen did this to imitate the gods, but also to help them easily clear the skin toxins by suddenly sweating. 

"gymnastics" is actually written in ancient Greek from the words "gymnasia" and "gumnós" "naked." 

This means "naked training"

6. Einstein offered presidency

On 17 November 1952, following the death of the first Israeli President, Chaim Weizman, Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel. He refused to suggest that "the innate skill and the knowledge to manage people correctly" are missing for his work.

7. When Napoleon was targeted by a Bunny Horde 

Once upon a time the ... bunnies assaulted the legendary conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte. The emperor had asked for the arrangement of a rabbit hunt for himself and his men. His chief of staff set things up and for the occasion reportedly had men round up 3,000 rabbits. The hunt was ready to go when the rabbits were released from their cages. This, at least, was the intention! But the bunnies charged in a vicious and unstoppable assault upon Bonaparte and his men. And we had been told that Waterloo was the greatest defeat of the conqueror ...

8. Egyptian pharaoh Pepi II

The Egyptian pharaoh Pepi II allegedly despised flies so much that he would keep naked slaves sprayed with honey close to him to keep the flies away from him.

9. In fact, ketchup was once sold as medicine. 

A doctor named Dr. John Cooke Bennett claimed in the 1830s that tomatoes could be used to treat diarrhea and an indigestion-his recipe for tomato ketchup was even concentrated in the form of a pill and sold as medicine!

10. Fart Approved

The official edict from Emperor Claudius at Roman dining tables was released to encourage farting after finding that a man was almost gone by in his flatulence.

11. The Colosseum was named because it was next to a statue called the Colossus. 

It was initially named as the Amphitheatrum Flavium, or Flavian Amphitheatre since it was built during the Flavian dynasty. 

Rome residents nicknamed it the Colosseum. 

This was because it was built next to Emperor Nero's 164-foot statue known as "Nero's colossus."

12. The General of China who fooled a flip-flop enemy 

In the Chinese Three Kingdoms Era whose greatest exploit occurred in 208, Zhuge Liang (181-234) served as a wise chancellor and military strategist during an escalation into a war between armies split from the Yangtze River. Zhuge Liang has been maneuvered in a few days by opponents to supply 100,000 arrows – an almost impossible mission. He assembled a flotilla of riverboats after he had commented on them and lined them with bales of a wet paw and asked their crews what they expected of them.
He had been waiting for a foggy night, ran them quietly through the river and put them in an enemy camp-line. his band, by cue, cried out, beat drums, clamped gongs, and built unholy din in the evening's silence. The enemy camp began and awoke in fear and persuaded they were faced with a surprise assault at night. A storm of arrows unleashed silhouettes on the boat flying in the turkey – arrows lodged in the straw balls. Then, with the weight of over 100,000 arrows caught, his pincushioned boats groaned Zhuge left.

13. Order of the pug

In 1740, in Bavaria, Roman Catholics established a secret society called The Pug Order. New candidates were required to wear dog collars and hack at the door to enter.

14. During the prohibition, the Government poisoned alcohol 

The U.S. Government literally poisoned alcohol during the prohibition in the United States. If following its prohibition, people continued to drink alcohol, police officers became irritated and decided to seek another form of deterrent, death. They ordered the poisoning of US-based industrial alcohols which were robbed of bootleggers regularly. By the close of the ban in 1933, it is estimated that 10,000 people died of the federal poisoning program.

15. The Romans used stalky urine as a mouth washing tool. 

Jason Clarke Omg GIF by Originals
Although this sounds very gross, urine contains ammonia and it is one of the best natural purifiers in the world! The liquid gold was so requested that Romans who were dealing in it had to pay a fee!

16. The Famous Defense of Lute 

The story goes as Shu General Zhuge Liang fought at the doors of the city in a large fence in the face of a 150,000-strong invading army with only 100 warriors of its own, hopping on the gate and playing its lute, waiting for an inevitable one. The invading general had a trap in his mind and had fled with his 150,000 troops.

17. Using forks to be deemed sacrilegious 

Which fork? Forks, the widely used utensils for feeding, were once seen as blasphemous. They were first founded in 11th century Italy. Such spiked spaghetti-twirling instruments have been interpreted as an offense against God. So, why are you asking? Since they were "artificial hands," they were considered sacrilegious as such.

18. The Second War with the Mithridates

The Romans, led by Lucullus, laid siege to Themyscira during the Second War with the Mithridates. The Romans planned to dig tunnels underneath the city to surmount the fortress walls. Seeing how successively the Romans were going ahead with the digging, Defenders chose to make their own trenches where they allowed wild animals, including bears and bees, to enter the tunnels to attack the intruders.

19. Andrew Jackson swearing parrot

Andrew Jackson taught Polly, his parrot, to swear like a sailor. There is also a story that Jackson's funeral had to be stripped from the parrot for her love for secularism. And you were thinking you swore too much?

20. To kill Fidel Castro there were more than 600 plots

Yeah, six hundred. A broad range of enemies including political opponents, criminals, and even the United States, amongst others, have targeted the Cuban dictator to be killed. There were tactics, ranging from an explosive cigar to a toxic suit.

21. St.Lawrence's patronage 

As the Prefect of Rome roasted St. Lawrence on a gridiron, the story states, he cheerfully declared: "I am well done on this side. Turn me over!"His patronage of cooks, chefs, and comedians comes from this.

22. Laughter's death 

Since drinking his donkey to stupor and then watching it attempt to eat figs, the Greek philosopher Chrysippus died of laughter. Was I suppose to be there?

23. Skirt-wearing looks manly?

Skirts were manly in ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks actually saw pants as exuberant and would spit on any guy wearing them.

24. Photoshop invention

To erase those he doesn't want, Stalin practically would have his pictures retouched. 
Before Photoshop reign, no mean feat! This tendency to remove influential figures from historical events was characteristic of Soviet portraits, in which Lenin and Trotsky were both viewed fairly.

25. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton lost codes for nuclear launch

The former chairman seriously lost the personal identification number required for confirming the nuclear launch. Not only for a short time. For months at the edge, like. This is what the then-president of the joint chiefs of staff thought (understandably) was a "gargantuan" deal with this error.


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