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20 Obscure Religions In The World

20 Strange Religions In The World That Will Leave you Fascinated

Religion is a socio-cultural structure that connects humanity with divine, transcendental, or metaphysical elements, including designations of actions, values, worldviews, scriptures, sanctified locations, prophecies, ethics, or organizations.

Religion has continued to play a part in personal life, politics, and culture in general. Such activities often tend to not fulfill our usual "religion" standards. Yet because of the confidence that they should express, they continue to satisfy what a religious person wants.

But all religions must fulfill one condition. The lives of others must not be disrupted. Prepare to be shocked by twenty religions that you may have not been identified.

The World Most Bizzare Religion

These sects are not well-known in the country but are home to a significant number of adherents. Below are listed some of the outlandish religions of the world.

1. Satanism-Satan 's adorers 

Worshipers of Satan may usually be classed as spiritualists for whom Satan is a true god and atheists, to whom Satan symbolizes a religion, individualism, and free will problem. Some sects are renowned for their work. The murders in Italy were carried out between 1998 and 2004 like the 'Beasts of Satan.' Human sacrifice (the 1960s) has been confirmed by "the Nine Angels Order." The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 and the public practice began.

2. Church of the Biker

Garner "Hilbilly" Foster found a new lease of life in his Christian belief, after emerging from the rough background of the 'scooter trash' cycling culture with addictions and a criminal past in 1997. This regeneration led him to set up churches of the Capital City bikers, places of cultivation for cyclists along the way. 

In an environment constructed of clubs, the churches offer a variety of non-alcoholic bars, pool tables, and lounges. 

The average presence is 3,000 and also a rodeo, roast, and biker fiestas are organized in the churches.

3. Maradonian Church 

Did you ever hear anyone say 'My religion is a sport?' Is it not like a joke? Was it not? Okay, it's not lol. Lol. Some people take this very seriously. Here's the case in point. Iglesia Maradoniana, also known as the 38th anniversary of football legend Diego Maradona, was created on 30 October 1998. It's plain to see why other people see him as a deity with aspirations like his. Nonetheless, some Argentinians did not so kindly respond to the praise of Maradona, particularly as, you know, the whole thing about drugs. The ten commandments of the church are the following:
  • Never has the ball dirtied. 
  • Above everything else, respect football. 
  • Declare Diego's unqualified love and soccer beauty. 
  • Defend the shirt of Argentina. 
  • Spread all over the universe the news of Diego's miracles. 
  • Honor the temples and his holy shirts where he played. 
  • Don't declare Diego a single team member. 
  • The values of the Maradona Church are preached and disseminated.
  • Make the middle name of Diego. 
  • Name Diego your first son. Call your first son.

4. Nuwaubianism

The Nuwaubians were founded in New York in the 1970s as a Black Muslim group and have undergone many changes since then. Eventually, in 1993, the party arrived in Putnam County, Georgia, and they abandoned it. After he was convicted for money laundering and child abuse charges, his founder is now in prison. Nuwaubianism lasts, however.
White people are said to have been created as a killing race to serve Blacks as a slave army in one Nuwaubian folklore, but that plan went awry. Followers believe that women existed for many generations before genetically manipulated men were invented. We do not know, however, if women are encouraged in their society.

5. The Rastafarianism

Rastafarians see themselves as the face of oppression to colonies. 

The objective of the religious movement is to restore faith in the heritage of Africa that colonial movements have suffered. They affirm Zion as the original birthplace of humanity and denounce 'Babylon.' 

Rastafarian belief lifestyle involves the ritual use of marijuana, alcohol avoidance, and dreadlocks on one's hair.

6. Society of Aetherius

Founded by the former UK taxi driver in the mid-1950s, Aetherius is a religion in the New Age which believes that some of the 'Cosmic Masters' (mainly from Venus and Saturn) rule the destiny of mankind. Also, the emphasis is on prayer and "spiritual charging" of Earth for the Next Master to make room for a messianic figure who descends to Earth in a saucer fleetingly armed with "magic." 

7. Raelism

Raelism is often referred to as the Raelian Movement, the UFO religion founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon (now known as Rael), former French car race driver. Religion is based on the idea that scientists from other worlds came to the planet and developed any form of life thousands of years ago, including human beings.

8. Jainism

Jainism is a popular religion in India, with about 6 million followers worldwide — more than 4 million of the almost 2 billion who live there, reported Patheos. The main goal of religion is to rid adherents of all sins and get out of the cycle of rebirth — which turns you into a "conqueror," where the religion has its name as Patheos says.

9. The Euthanasian Church

The Euthanasia Church (CoE), is an organization founded in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, by Reverend Chris Korda, in the picture above. According to the church's website, the CoE uses sermons, music, literature, cultural jamming, promotional stunts, and direct action, coupled with a subtle sense of irony and black humor that illustrate the unsustainable Earth population. The CoE's goal is to create a healthy equilibrium between humans and the remaining species on earth.
The CoE is known for its disagreements with Evangelical pro-life activists. The one commandment is "You are not to procreate," according to the website of the church. Moreover, the CoE affirms four key pillars: suicide, abortion, cannibalism ("strictly restricted to the eating of those who have already been killed"), and sodomy. Group slogans include 'Save the planet, kill yourself,' 'Six trillion people cannot be wrong,' or 'Eat a Queer Fetus for Jesus.' They're all intended to blend controversial topics and annoy those who condemn abortion and homosexuality.

10. Prince Philip Movement

The village of Yaohnanen worships Prince Philip as a god from the nearby island (yes, the prince, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen Elizabeth II 's husband). The roots of the cult are a little foggy, but the religion itself goes back until the island was visited by Prince Philip in 1974. This journey only consolidated the culture because they had a chance to see the Prince for the first time. For the years previous to the visit of the King, the sources are speculative because of the contacts with the British colonists on the Island.
The villagers subjected themselves to the Christian idea that one day a Messiah will go back to the earth and to Prince Philip's great admiration from the British. All thoughts had been linked together at some point. By then the Prince has been told about the religion and sent to the Island some pictures autographed. Each year, the indigenous people, after discovering the birthday of the King, celebrate it.

11. Jediism

George Lucas didn't know anything about what he started. He launched a religious movement with his Star Wars movies which inspired generations of fake light-saber, Nylon-carrying warrior-nerds. 

Disciples, or "real world" Jedis think the Power exists too. 

The energy that holds the universe together is the force that flows through any material object, according to the Star Wars mythology (obviously taking some of the Eastern religious concepts from it).
Jedis are monks/cavaliers capable of using and using the Force and bound by the principles of morality and justice. 

You can see any mathematician calling to use a lightsaber in the forehead of an evil bully. 

Jediism is regarded as a synthesis of Taoism and Buddhism and also incorporates elements of medieval chivalry. It is generally called the Jedi Code but there is no clear core doctrine.

12. Aghori

In the 14th century, the Hindu religion was thought to break from the Kapalika order and in rituals, adherents are using kapala – a human skull cup – with human bones from the tombs. 

Bizarre rituals include consuming rotten meats and human flesh to reach the highest illumination citadel. An ascetic of the Aghori, Kina Ram, has been buried in a grave, which is Aghoris holy ground.

13. The Church of all Worlds

In the 1960s, Oberon Zell Ravenheart and Morning Glory Zell, his wife, worship the world in the form of Gaia, adherents of this neo-Pagan religion. Oberon is called 'Primate' as head of the church, while 'Waterkin' is a follower. Their rituals take place in Annwfn, North California's sacred land.

14. The Church of Scientology

In 1954 Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology. By publishing 'Dianetics'(2005) the seeds were planted. The book attempts to develop his obsession with the "what the Soul does to the body" ("What the Soul does for the Body."). The religion seeks to restore the balance between a human understanding of itself and the physical nature of man, broken because of the advancement of science in the 20th century. Scientology considers man to be a spiritual being.

15. Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Spaghetti Monster Flying Church only has one doctrine- no belief! The Kansas School Board was publicly established by Bobby Henderson's open letter to the 'religion,' requesting children to be taught Intelligent Design Theories and, more specifically, Evolution Theories in Flying Spaghetti Monsters. He argued that this should be intended to appease the monsters and used charts showing that pirate societies had a history of national catastrophes. Others view satire against religion, but the proponents claim that satire is central to the religion.

16. The Bullet Baba's Motorbike

No religion actually, but this is the world's only spiritual movement where idolatry reaches out to an automobile. The Chotila villagers in Rajasthan set up a shrine on National Highway-65 for the motorcycle and its dead owners Om Banna. This unique shrine is fitted with the Royal Enfield 350 cc motorcycle and an image of Om Banna, famous as Bullet Baba, who died in this very spot in a road accident. But this is the mysterious bit – the day after the motorcycle has been taken in custody by the police, the bike reappeared. This has occurred many times, according to local residents, and now many people have visited the concrete pedestal, where it now has garlands and holy beads. This is adored along with the image of the former owner and of the tree close to the accident scene.

17. Banana Cult

Religion and sex are not always paired, but sexual activity has often been linked to crop fertility. This was taken to a new stage by a religious figure in Papua New Guinea. Promising that banana harvest would increase if people had sex in public. Look, there's no reason it's not a phallic fruit.

18. Aum Shinrikyo

Established in Japan in 1984, Shoko Asahara claimed to be "God's lamb." He claimed to be able to purge his followers of all sins and help them to survive a nuclear armageddon ending in the world, which the USA was the prelate of. The doctrines show the use of literature such as the 'Foundation' of Asimov and the writings of Nostradamus. After the Sarin Subway attack in Tokyo which led to the death of twelve thousand and injuries, it was labeled a terrorist organization.

19. Restoration of the 10 Commandments Movement 

The movement was founded in Uganda in the late 80s as an insurgency from the Roman Catholic Church. To prevent persecution in the Future, it revolved around the strict adherence to ten commandments. Weekly fasts and the prohibition of soap and sex were among the unusual beliefs. The sect started to crumble when the end of the world (as predicted by leaders) didn't arrive at the beginning of the new millennium, which led to the mass murder of poisonings, stinging, and a huge church fire.

20. Vampire-Blood drinkers 

While the concept of vampirism as a religion is largely suspicious, the followers claim it is. The portrayal of vampires in the popular media, especially 'Dracula' (1897), is primarily a product of vampirism. It can be defined as active vampires – those who drink blood from human or animal or spectral vampires – who drink on the aura of another person. There is an immense function for sex and its representation.


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