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15+ Things Airplane Passengers Don't Know

15+ Secrets Airplane Passengers Don't Know About

Apart from your own private jet, flights and airports are not always connected to comfort and fun. There are numerous tips and tricks to make your flight comfortable and easily reachable to any point in the world. A simple combination of keys, for example, will help you purchase cheaper tickets and you'll get your bags more easily and avoid a line at the airport using the special sticker. 

If you're on a plane once a year or once a week, a few things you've still not learned about flying are still there. 

According to flight attendants, pilots and experts in aviation, here are a few things you never hear about.

How to get some bottled water on aircraft 

There's an exceptional way to get water through without breaching safeguards if you don't want to buy standard water at the airport for much money. You can freeze a flask of water at home and you can bring water in customs if the ice doesn't melt. An official recommendation is made on the official website of the US Homeland Security Department. However, it's easier to simply take with you a normal plastic bottle and fill it after the customs control with water from a drinking fountain.

Saving money in ticket transactions 

  • The CtrL+Shift+N combination will help you find cheaper tickets because you can reach incognito mode on your screen. This means that airline websites can not monitor the history of your search and do not attempt to sell tickets at a costlier price to raise the cost of travel by the minute. 
  • Another smart trick to use in the airline companies' websites is to buy tickets in the country's language. That may be a little easier, but prices go up slightly for some reason when you use the website edition of your native language.
  • And another rule of great significance for passengers who also fly is that they purchase tickets on Tuesdays after 3 p.m. Booking them 6 weeks in advance of your flight is even easier. Friday evening and Monday morning are the busiest time, so the most expensive tickets are currently available.
  • Often it can be much cheaper to buy tickets with a link in a town than a regular direct flight. For example, you will travel back from the USA via Helsinki to Europe and Stockholm will be your final destination. Yet a US-to-Finland direct flight could be much more costly than a Stockholm ticket.

Treatment of luggage 

  • A "Fragile" sticker will help many travelers to protect their baggage from flight damage. You can also get your bag a little quicker with this sticker. The thing is, these bags are mostly put on top of other bags, and they are one of the first to hit you. 
  • Here is another piece of advice from travelers: nearly everyone has dark bags. So that you do not have to waste much time searching for your luggage, you can buy a bright suitcase, which you can tell the others quickly.

It just takes about 15 minutes for airplane emergency oxygen mask

  • The dropdown oxygen masks on the plane are normally designed to pump oxygen for around 12 to 15 minutes, potentially in a frightening revelation. 
  • Yet do not freak out. Just don't freak out. It normally takes a pilot even less than they do for those masks to run out of oxygen to lower the plane to a safe altitude. 
  • The main thing is to get the mask over the nose and mouth as soon as possible, as it will only take you 30 seconds to go to dangerous levels after the pressure drops.

How to find the right spot on the aircraft 

  • Aisle seats irritate many, because armrests can not be lifted, and especially with the seat table down standing can be inconvenient. Many aircraft simply raise the armrest when a hidden key is pressed. Flight employees are aware of it, but you probably won't be told because it's stationary to help keep you from hitting you with the food cart. 
  • Experienced travelers suggest to book 11 and 12 seats because superstitions prevent others from reserving 13 seats. There's a fair chance no one is in the sitting or in the row next to you.
  • It's safer to book a window seat and an aisle seat if you fly with someone else. The middle seat is likely to remain free because it is normally the most unpleasant. And you can easily switch places with your next man and sit with your friend or partner if the plane is completely full. Obviously, if the laws of the airline permit.

How to sleep comfortably

  • You can lean on the wall by choosing the window seat if you intend to sleep on the aircraft. But remember which side you normally sleep on in your bed before you do it. Choose the right side of the plane and vice versa if you sleep on the left side. You are going to get much easier to sleep in this way. 
  • You may use various facilities to pick a comfortable seat on the airplane to enter your flight number and airport departure. The design shows which seats have more leg space, what they are supplying, and other valuable details.
  • By the end of the boarding, it is better to enter the aircraft. You can choose any free seat that might be a little better than your ticket. In this way you are comfortable.

How to correctly pack your things 

  • Fill your sacks with all the space to prevent your stuff from moving freely inside. Heavy items should be positioned close to the side of the container, with the middle of the most fragile bits  
  • Instead of fabric, glass items will be covered in the carton. For instance, an old shoebox can be used. Like soft towels, if the bag is dropped or put in heavyweight, the dense box will help cover the delicate object. 
  • Take a few images of the interior of the bag before your flight. By that way, ensuring something was lost, if anything happens, would be simpler for you.

Amazing things are concealed in each aircraft

  • Flight staff may have access to a handcuff, a defibrillator, extra oxygen, a fire extinguisher, an ax, or a crow-bar. 
  • Such artifacts shield passengers from themselves and from others. Hidden handcuffs will stop someone who causes trouble. Both aircraft must have ashtrays for the bathroom as a regulator is less likely to throw a cigarette butt in the garbage — and to burn — if an Ashtray is present. Plus, in case of a heart attack, fire, or electrical problems planes have what is required.

How to avoid Airport Queues 

  • Most travelers who fly regularly have found that it is easier to pick the leftmost line if you are online for customs or passport control. Many people are right-handed and sometimes turn right subconsciously if they can, and there is a great likelihood that the left line will be shorter and travel much quicker than all the others.
  • Place all your tiny things in your jacket instead of in your pants bags so you don't waste too much time in customs. You can remove your jacket quickly and inspect it. And, since most items that people lose are lost in customs, the chance of inadvertently missing something would be greatly reduced. 
  • Put your laptop and liquids in your bags last to improve your experience at the customs control station. Customs officials always ask passengers to take these items from their bags to be supervised. Often, when in line, watches, gemstones, and belts are put best in bags or containers.

How to reap the benefits of the corporate class 

You have to be respectful and friendly to your flight attendants, use their names when talking to them, and smile at them if you want business class service if You have an economy class ticket. Flight attendants say that if they like some passengers and have a free seat, they are happy to bring people to business class for free.

Where to locate an airport charger 

  • Most travelers share how easy it was for them to locate a charger on the missing airports. And even the chargers didn't lose! Due to the rules of the airport, you will give this item to anyone who needs it, if you have lost something and have not returned for 90 days. 
  • You can try charging your phone from a big TV in almost every airport if you do not locate a power outlet at the airport. A USB connection can be found on the other side of a TV and your phone can be connected to it. Charging will only work if the television is on. If you lose part of your charger but still have a cord, you can use the same lifehack at hotels.

How to Surpass Jetlag 

  • Experienced employees of the airline recommend selecting an airline to get there in the evening at about 16 p.m. You have ample time to go to the hotel, take a shower, dine and go to bed. 
  • Plan to go to bed and wake up earlier than normal, if you fly to the East 3 days before your flight. When you board the plane, use your watch to get used to the new time while you are flown to the time of your destination.

Why your face shouldn't be touched 

The flight attendants themselves say planes are typically really dirty. We recommend not to go barefoot on board, eat nothing on the tray table, and not touch your nose. It is easy to catch a virus or anything like that.

How would you do when you stay overnight at the airport? 

  • It is safer to take the earliest flight from the airport if you don't want your flight to be delayed. This information can be obtained from the airport or the airline. You must note that, when selecting a flight with a connection, the airport services will have ample time to move your baggage from one aircraft to another. Try to pick flights between your connections with at least one hour – so that your luggage is less likely to be lost.
  • But, for some other reason, if you have missed your flight or you have to spend the night at the airport, special facilities will help you find the best place to sleep in almost any large airport in the world. The positions of medical facilities, electricity outlets, shower rooms, and child rooms can also be available.

Your flight attendants could sneak in a nap

  • In hidden bedrooms on Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft, the flight attendants sleep — and have allegedly sex. 
  • Attendants will also rest on longer flights. Check for a dark door near the plane front, which may lead to a cached area with beds. Such bedrooms reside on many Boeing airplanes above passengers. There are also TVs, storage areas, and pajamas in certain areas.

Where to get free tours?

See if you have long access to the airport on free sightseeing tours in advance. You can go on a free bus ride around the city if, for example, you have come with Turkish Airlines to Istanbul. One requirement is that you take into account: it will take at least 6 hours, but not more than 24 hours, before your next flight.

You are in deep trouble if the crew uses these codes 

Prepare to hear "7500," "7600" or "7700" for an emergency. 
The code means that the aircraft has been hijacked or hijacking is impending. The "7500" can be the most difficult to listen to. When a pilot has a radio malfunction or a contact loss, he will say "7600." The general alert shows "7700." The pilot fails to interpret correctly the issue in the sense of emergencies.

Want more food?

Want to feed something on the aircraft? Request a cassole more. This is the name of the hot food box (generally made of tin foil). If a passenger asks for a cassole, the flight attendants understand that they fly frequently and that they also know additional cassoles. They're going to most likely bring you another.

What advice would you give to anyone who first travels by air? Kindly let us know in the comment section.


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