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Sedentary Lifestyle: Effects, and solutions

How To Fix a Sedentary Lifestyle:Fast Effective Way To Combat Sedentary Lifestyle

Advances in t
echnologies have certainly made our lives easier, but they also made us lazy and adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. Less exercises, moving less and sitting more has been linked to a number of health conditions, and is believed to be the main cause of the obesity epidemic.

Think about how much sitting you do per day: sitting in the car or sitting in the train to work, sitting at your 8-hour desk job, sitting during your lunch break, sitting on the commute home, and sitting on the couch after a long day of work to unwind with some television.

With modern advances, many of us are unfortunately sitting around most of the day and have little or no exercise. Also because of today's sedentary life, our leisure time which used to involve more activity now involves scrolling through instagram, watching TV, playing video games, and the like.

Research published in 2010 found inactivity and sitting for a longer than four hours per day increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a number of other obesity-related conditions.

Firstly, What Is Sedentary Lifestyle?

According to wikipedia, a sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle involving little or no physical activity. A person who lives a sedentary lifestyle often sits or lay down while engaged in an activity like watching TV, playing video games, or using phone/computer for much of the day. 

Screen time is a term for the amount of time a person spends looking at a screen such as a TV, computer monitor or mobile devices. Excessive screen time is related to negative health consequences.

Why You Should Make A Change?

Exercise has a huge positive side effect on our life and body functions.

Exercise helps you build up aerobic power. That is the ability of your muscles too convert the oxygen from the heart and lungs into energy.

Exercise affects the flow of blood, which is how your body is nourished. It helps us sweat out impurities and help reduce depression and anxiety. If you're not exercising, all those processes slow down.

Exercising help reduce your risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illness.

Dangers Of Sedentary Lifestyle

Recent research is starting to confirm the health risk associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Research has recorded a higher rate of various chronic diseases such as health disease and even cancer, in highly sedentary people.

Just like the rest of the your body, your brain depends on good blood flows to function properly.A research found that those who were physically inactive and sat for seven hours or more per day are likely to have symptoms of depression than individuals who met the physical activity guidelines and sat for less than four hours daily.

A study found that prolonged sitting time was associated with a 19% higher rate of death from all causes combined compared to sitting less than 3 hours per day.

Solutions To Fix A Sedentary Lifestyle

1. Take the Stairs

Stair climbing is a vigorous-intensity physical activity, it burns more calories than jogging. Taking the stairs whenever possible can help you to maintain a healthy weight as well as build and maintain strong bone, muscles and joints.

2. Track Your Sitting Time

Always keep track of the time you spend sitting in your office. Once you keep the time tracked, make a conscious effort to reduce this. There are many studies that prove sitting for more long periods of time puts us at high risk for health problems.

3. Find Time to Exercise

Look for spots in your tight schedule where you can exercise. You could add three 10-minute activity breaks, five days a week. If you can do that, plus one hour-long exercise class on the weekend, you have already beaten your goal.

4. Take a Stand

Standing uses more muscles and burn more calories than sitting. So, train yourself to stand whenever you talk on the telephone, and pace during staff meetings if your boss will allow it.

5. Walk the Parking Lot

As long as it's safe to do, you can park your car at the far end of the parking lot or down the street from your destination to add extra steps to your day.

Also, walking across the parking lot or around the block from your office also gives you a moment outside to soak up the sun or enjoy the change of seasons, which is great for your health as well.

6. Be Active Outside of Work

In spite making changes like taking the stairs or cycling to work, you might not be able to completely avoid being sedentary at work. As such, try to sit as little as possible when you get out of work.

Avoid sitting at home watching TV. Go to the gym and work out, go for evening walk, or anything that limits your sitting duration.


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