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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You, According To Experts

Lying and deception are common behaviors of humans. Everybody you know knows that there are low stakes, but some people take extra long to lie in important things, which could change their relationship forever, end their career, or even bring them into prison.

You 're a liar, though, if you say you never cheat. Why would that happen? The little white lies more often than you know coming out. The research published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Social Psychology said, "60 percent of people can't go 10 minutes without lying at least once." Then it gets even worse: those who lie told the conversation an average of three lies. 

You can detect lies by facial expressions, even though you do not perform a criminal inquiry.

This indicates when someone lies to you, there are different responses and facial expressions. Any of these reactions are triggered by physical responses, nervousness, etc.

Like many things, trusting your instincts is the best thing about detecting a lie. You may be able to become better at spotting falsehoods, by knowing what signs to look for while detecting a lie and learn how to heed your own gut reactions.

How to Recognize if Someone is Lying to You

We don't always read others as adeptly as we think. Still, there are signals that you can look out for to tell if someone's lying:

1. Behavioral Delay or Pause

When you ask someone a question and initially get nothing. After a delay, he begins to respond. Before you would consider it a lie indicator, how long does a delay have to be before it's meaningful? Well, it depends.

Try this one a friend: Ask him the question, "On this date three years ago, What did you have for breakfast?   "The person still pauses before answering because it is not a question which naturally evokes an immediate answer-certainly the person will think about that and still can not give a response. Now ask him, "You stole 2 years ago, this date?" You really do need to choose your friends more carefully if your friend pauses before answering. It's a simple exercise. But it shows that the pause needs to be understood in the light of the issue if it's acceptable to do so. Even more likely, there's no time-last to respond to "No!"

2. Suspicious Expression

It's really difficult to read or pick a liar through facial expression even for trained, experienced interrogators. Because there can be warnings, there is just so much scope to use false positives alone. 

Others claim there might be a lack of truthfulness: blushing, blinding, fake smiles.  Notice them, pay attention, and remember them. However, don't read too much into them.

3. Take Note of How Long Someone Closes Their Eyes

Normally, at 100 to 400 milliseconds, a human blinks. However, if a person closes his eyes for a second or two, this may indicate he's lying to you since this is a type of defense mechanism.

Also, pay attention to the direction they look when answering your question. A study shows "When you ask a typical right-winger what he would have seen if he looks up and left, it means he's accessing his memory of the occurrence." However, if he looks upward and then to his right, it means he's accessing his imagination, and he's creating an answer." And vice versa for left-handed people.

4. Tone of Voice

The muscles in the vocal cords might tighten up, leading the voice to sound very high-pitched when people are nervous. To detect a liar, notice a creak in the person's voice. Another sign to look for is clearing the throat, this is a means of coping with the discomfort of the tightened muscles.

5. Hiding the Eyes or Mouth

An untruthful person tends to hide his mouth or eyes when she's being deceitful. There is a natural tendency for the person lying to shield himself from the reactions of those who are being lied to. If a person hides his eyes while she's responding to a question, what she might be indicating is that he can't bear to see the reaction of whom he's lying to. If someone closes his eye while responding to a question that does not require much thinking, that can be considered a means of hiding the eyes, and likely deceptive indicator. This shield can also be accomplished with a hand. 

6. Know the Person's Baseline

To determine if someone is lying, you need to know how the person usually handles stress. Most baseline measurements should be measured during the non-confrontational conversation.

It's easy to establish a baseline of behavior for those you are close with e.g friends, families e.t.c.

Knowing how someone looks during in-person interaction can assist in judging the significance of deviations from the norm.

It's important to know what a person's typical demeanor is to that you can perfectly discern signs of lying.

7. Ask Question

The most effective and reliable way to detect a lie is by asking a lot of questions. Why? The more you inquire the more difficult it becomes to keep a lie.

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