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Friends To Avoid For A Happier Life

Toxic Friends: 5 Types of "Friends" You Should Avoid To Live A Happier Life

Some friends are like family. On the other hand, some friends are worse than enemies: they are parasites. Its natural for a friendship to change over the years. But what happens when your friendship becomes toxic? 

While focusing on making as many friends as we can, why not pay attention to who our friends are. Are they the type who lifts us up or are they latter who keeps us down?

As a result, it is important to choose wisely the kind of friends to keep. Be sure the people who are closer to you are the ones that make your life better and not worse. Remember, toxic friends destroys your life while good friends improve it. Check out this overview of the top five types of toxic friends you may run into.

1. Competitive Friend

There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. However, when a friendship becomes more of a competition, it's time time to end it. This type of friends are always finding ways to compete, whether its for the attention of a guy, clothing, or for job-related praise. The competitive friend finds it difficult to congratulate another friend on his/her positive news. Everything is turned into a game of one-upmanship. It seems that the self-image of the competitive friend is dependent upon the rivalry of the friendship. A healthy friendship doesn't keep a tally of victories and loses.

2. The Energy Sucker

After spending time with this type of friend, you feel exhausted or drained. The conversation usually revolves around their problems and complaints. They will turn you into an emotional "dung heap" in order to feel better. Problem is, that energy ends up making a withdrawal from your energy reserve, and you have nothing left to give after. If you consistently feel exhausted after spending time with someone, know that the consequences is that you will have no energy left to give yourself and your loved ones.

3. The Drama Queen

With this friend, you become the troubleshooter. Everyday there seems to heartbreaks, letdowns, sadness and disappointments. Remember, they are not interested in changing because they make strides on the drama. This type of friend are self-centered and are not interested in hearing your issues or concerns. A drama queen is so wrapped up in their life, they never notice when you might need an encouraging word.

4. The Friend Who Never Reaches Out To You

In this kind of friendship,You're always the one who makes the call to hang out and check on them, and when your friend does answer your texts (which does not happen often), it always feels like they're doing you a favor. "I'm going to be a little late. I won't be around. Is that cool, too?" If that sounds all too familiar, you're allowed to ask for better communication.

5. The Cheater

Many friendship have been destroy and crushed, because a best friend hit on a friend's romantic partner

Therefore, to avoid such occurrence and making best friends with this type, avoid the sneaky flirts, the sweet talkers and generally, people who try flattering you and talking like you mean the world to them.

You'd be better off with someone who's more true and down to earth with their claims.

Any to add to the list? Add to the list in the comment. 


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