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7 Ways To Find Love

Ways To Finding A True Love

Some people have their heart broken so many times, their logical side wants to cut off everyone and never try again. Putting your heart on the line gets harder and harder with each new person.

True love is a rarity and should be treated with respect. You will have endless mediocre relationships throughout your life; however, you only have a few – maybe a handful or two – relationships that can be identified as true love, also known as – unconditional love.

Here are 7 ways you can begin your journey towards love:

1 . Love Yourself

Once you’ve forgiven yourself and let go of the past, it’s time to discover how to be comfortable in your own skin. We all have flaws and that’s o.k. Maybe you’re not the smartest, strongest, funniest, or most physically appealing person – whatever your shortcomings are, it doesn’t mean you’re never going to find someone who will love you for who you are instead of loathing you for what you’re not. Stand up tall and be proud of who you are, whomever that may be; that way, when you find new love, you’ll recognize each other.

2. Be realistically picky

There is a major difference in having high standards and unrealistic ones. Many women get stuck dating because they have pigeon holed themselves with such a small laser beam of opportunity. Having an open mind is essential to dating success.

Be clear on the essence of the man you wish to call in, and release the checklist of the mundane and superficial qualities. Integrity, reliability, drive, habits and goals trumps height and hair color.

3. It’s Important To Know Yourself First

Many people throw themselves into relationships without thinking about their values and goals. You’ll have a much smoother ride if you build up a clear picture of what you want from life and then go out to look for a partner who wants the same thing.

For example, do you want children? Is it important to practice a shared religion? Do you want to continue to live in the same country as you’re in now? What kind of work-life balance do you want to maintain? Knowing the answers to these sorts of deal-breaking questions can save you a lot of hassle and heartache in the dating world.

4. Fear of being alone

Another thing that makes people start a relationship (even when they aren’t in love) is the fear of being alone. Many boys and girls continue unhealthy relationships because they don’t want to be alone and they even ignore the faults in their partner because they fear to break up.

5. Stop Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

You can most definitely meet someone at a bar, but it’s a crap shoot; people are amped up, drunk (and likely on other substances) in the club, and there’s a good chance the person isn’t really who they say they are. If you’re doing you, you’re already in the ideal places to meet someone who shares similar interests. Instead of sitting around at home all day, go out and enjoy life. You’ll bump into people doing the same thing and can form an immediate connection.

6. Make your dating vision

A dating dating is having a picture of who you want to be and how you want to feel in your future. You don’t need to know all of the specifics, just the essence of how you want to feel and show up. Your purpose is to learn and grow. It is essential to get different relationship results. Vision is so important to connect to so that you continue to feel that inspiration and that pull motivation.

7. Proper Introductions

The person you love shouldn’t be embarrassed to introduce you to their family and friends. If they don’t want to go public with being in a relationship with you or don’t invite you to meet their family, then the relationship isn’t worth it.


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