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5 Fun Foods To Impress Your Man

Fun Foods To Seduce Your Man

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, we can guarantee your guy will fall hard with these meals.

It's hot, sweet, tempting and everybody wants it. We're talking about dinner, of course, but action in the kitchen might get you action in the bedroom if you can seduce your partner with food.

Roast Chicken

There is no dish quite like roast chicken. It’s always scrumptious and almost impossible to mess up. The best thing about this roast chicken recipe from Bon Appetit is that it fills your house with the most delectable aroma.


Men love spaghetti, ladies! Spaghetti is an easy thing to make that requires hardly any skills at all. Any girl out there can boil some noodles, heat up some sauce and if you’re a meat eater, stir in some cooked meat, or brown some meat on the stove. Or, if you’re like me and don’t eat meat, feel free to sub in mushrooms for meat and make your guy a plate of his own. Toast up some bread if he likes bread and serve him a meal. He won’t believe you made him dinner and he’ll think you’re incredibly talented with this one food.

Classic Cheeseburgers

Boys love burgers, and when it comes to burgers, you can’t go wrong taking a note from Bobby Flay. His recipe for traditional cheeseburgers is turned up a notch with a quick homemade slaw, chipotle ketchup, and potato chips. Yes, potato chips. Don’t leave them out—they make this burger!


Don’t be intimidated by making pancakes- they couldn’t be easier! I love all the protein pancake recipes all over the web and those are actually just as good as the pancakes most of us ate when we were kids. Find a great pancake recipe you love and make breakfast for your guy. Pancakes also make a fun dessert or a snack. You can even have pancakes with some eggs as a dinner alternative.

Beef Tacos

Ground beef in a crunchy taco with shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, and sour cream? Yes, please! This childhood favorite by News for Chews grows up with homemade crispy taco shells and a fragrant tomato-based beef mixture. If you have time, whip up a batch of guacamole and margaritas to start the meal.


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