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5 Celebrities Who Have Been Sent To Jail

Meet The 5 Celebrities Who Have Been Sentenced To Jail

Some famous Nigerian celebrities have, at one time or the other, been in trouble with the law. A number of them have been to prison.

Below is a list of five popular celebrities who have been to prison:

1. Naira Marley

Azeez Adeshina Fashola is a Nigerian musician popularly known as Naira Marley.

He was born on 10 May 1989. Naira Marley left Nigeria at the age of 11 to Peckham in the United Kingdom. He rose to fame in 2018 with the remix of issa goal which features Olamide and Lil Kesh.

The day after his hit single “I’m I a Yahoo boy” dropped online, Naira Marley and four others were arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

He was arrested for alleged money laundering. Marley, known for his single “Issa Goal”, was slammed with 11- count charges. He was granted bail for N2millon with two sureties in like sum.

Shortly after his release, Marley made a live video where he revealed that he has been arrested 124 times when he was still living in England.

2. Dammy Krane

Popular musician, Johnson Oyindamola, popularly known as Dammy Krane was arrested in Florida for charges of theft, credit card scam and fraud on Friday, June 2, 2017. It was gathered that an American jet company, Tapjets, accused the singer of using five different credit cards which did not belong to him while trying to book a private jet with them. He was released from jail in Miami after meeting his bail conditions, set at $7,500, after pleading not guilty to the charges and demanded a trial by jury. The singer was assigned an attorney and was billed to appear in court on June 23, 2017. In August 2017, American courts struck out all charges including credit card forgery, armed conspiracy and grand theft filed against him.

3. Yetunde Wunmi

Nollywood actress Taiwo Akinwande, popularly known as Yetunde Wunmi, is a notable actress in the Yoruba movie scene.

In October 2006, Yetunde was arrested by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on the grounds of cocaine trafficking. She was arrested on her way to London just as she was about to board a Virgin Atlantic plane at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja, Lagos.

She pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to three years imprisonment by Justice Ahmed Mohammed of the Federal High Court, Lagos.

4. Rabi Ismaila

This story is WILD! So this is the gist of it, because it's also quite a long story:

In 2002, Kano-based Nollywood actress, Rabi Ismaila, was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, for killing her boyfriend, Mr. Auwalu. She reportedly kill him in order to acquire his property.

How did she kill him? Drugging and Drowning. She took him out for a picnic, where she poisoned him through chocolate and pushed him into a dam.

in January 5, 2005, Rabi was sentenced to death by hanging by a High Court in Kano.

In 2011, the Supreme Court upheld the sentence of the lower courts that sentenced her to death by hanging, and she was held in Kaduna Central prison from where she was transferred to Hadejia prison.

Then she escaped. And the police didn't find her for another 6 years.

In 2017, a joint effort by the Department of State Services and the Intelligence Unit of the Nigerian Prisons Service resulted in the capture of the convicted Hausa movie actress.

5. Lola Margaret

Nigerian actress, film producer and director, Lola Margaret was reportedly arrested in USA for wired fraud.
This report came shortly after Dammy Krane was arrested and detained in similar charges.

According to reports, the Yoruba actress had suspicious amounts of money wired into her bank account. She constantly withdrew the money thereby drawing the attention of detectives. The police took her in for further interrogations, with no official report on the alleged card fraud by the Atlanta police, but the actress’ mugshot surfaced online.

In 2018, she was released and deported back to Nigeria. Considering the gravity of her actions, the actress has decided to relocate to Ibadan from Lagos, maintaining a low profile. Lola Margaret’s career came into the limelight after she starred as the lead character in the movie, Bisola Alanu.


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