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Shopping Malls in Nigeria For Tourist

The Best Shopping Mall For Tourist In Nigeria

1. Ikeja City Mall

Every day, many Lagosians and visitors walk down Ikeja city mall to peruse the windows of the famous Shoprite Supermarket, Silverbird Cinemas, and countless others that pull out all the stops for their annual displays. 

The mall, which was developed by Broll property services in 2011, comprises of over 100 new stores, which is why Ikeja city mall is number one on our list. Along with these high-end retailers, Ikeja city mall is also home to world-class jewelers, departmental stores, banks, caf├ęs, bars, restaurants, hairdressing and beauty salon, ice-skating arena. Ikeja city mall holds the bragging rights as the first and best shopping malls on the mainland of Lagos. It also houses a massive whole foods and a large car park space. There is just always plenty to love about this shopping mall.

2. Jabi Lake Mall

If you are visiting Abuja for pleasure or for business and you need to buy something, Jabi Lake Mall is your best shopping option. In fact, this mall has been the leading destination for people who are staying in Nigeria’s capital city. Aside from shopping, you can dine in several restaurants in the mall, or enjoy heavenly treats in one of its snack bars. Relax by watching the latest movie in its cinemas or by simply roaming around to see everything that the mall offers.

3. Novare Lekki Mall

Experience modern shopping at Novare Lekki Mall, which has been designed with the customers’ comfort in mind. The store offers a wide array of options for people wanting to buy something and for those who are looking for entertainment. Discover the latest fashion trends and watch movies in one of the safest and most user-friendly cinemas in Nigeria. Aside from merchandise, you can find banking services in the mall.

4. The Palms Shopping Mall

The list of best shopping malls in Lagos will not be complete without a mention of The Palms shopping mall. This famous shopping center in Lagos is bound to show up if anyone residing in Lekki and environs searches for 'mall near me.'

An ambitious project by The Persianas Group, The Palms sits on a 45,000-square-metre (11-acre) plot of land in Lekki, Lagos State. It is home to over 69 stores along with the iconic stores in Nigeria, such as Shoprite, Game, and a modern six-screen cinema, which makes sure Lekki residents have access to loads of fun all year round. 

5. Circle Mall Lekki Peninsula II

Make shopping a fun activity for the whole family at Circle Mall Lekki Peninsula II. This mall is has been growing rapidly since it started operation. Several amenities cannot be found in other stores in Nigeria such as the playground, where your kids can have fun while you go shopping. Everyone can enjoy delicious meals in the food court where kid-friendly dishes are served. You can cap the day by watching a great movie in the cinema or being entertained by live performers. Circle Mall Lekki Peninsula II is not just about shopping but also family bonding.


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