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Must Have Wardrobe Staples For Every Girl

Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Should Have

If you’ve ever faced your closet and thought, “I have absolutely nothing to wear,” then you need to assess your wardrobe. You might have a closet stuffed full of clothes, but because you don’t have the essentials, you can’t put any of the outfits together.

Statement pieces are fun, but you often need classic items to pair them with to give yourself options. Make sure you have all these items checked off on your list so you have something to wear every time.

15 Wardrobe Essentials You Need to Own

You might not need that crazy spaghetti strap blouse you bought the other day, but you wanted it. There’s a difference between throwaway purchases that will go out of style and staple items that will never fade. Find out what you actually should be investing in before you have a closet full of clothes you’ll never wear. 

A Black Blazer

If you work in an office, you’re probably already singing the praises of a black blazer. It could be argued that the black blazer is actually the most essential wardrobe item out there, period.
You can dress it up with a dress or pencil skirt, or dress it down by pairing it with jeans. Wear it with a statement necklace to really create a powerful look.
This is an item worth where you shouldn’t mind paying a little extra because when you get quality and a good fit, you’ll keep your blazer forever. Maybe we can’t all wear Prada all the time, but a black blazer is a surefire way to make sure you look amazing every time.

Little Black Dress

Perhaps the most quintessential of all wardrobe necessities for any woman is the little black dress, so necessary that it even has its own abbreviation – the LBD.
Not every little black dress, or LBD, is created equal. What works for your petite friend might not work for your tall frame. The right fit is important because it’s typically such a simple piece. However, if you want to spice things up, you can choose one with detailing like an embroidered pattern or unique sleeve.
You can wear a little black dress for any party as your immediate go-to. You won’t even have to think before throwing it on, because they never go out of style. There’s even a lot of history behind the little black dress, which started to make their rise in the late 1920s. 

A Classic Watch

Even though you may check the time on your phone more often than actually use a watch, a nice watch is the staple of any adult wardrobe. It’s wardrobe basics 101 that a watch dresses up any outfit.
Gold watches have a timeless feel, so if you’re looking to invest, think about finding one with a gold face. You can also never go wrong with leather straps, and they match just about any outfit that needs to look more polished.

A Versatile Dress

Every girl knows that even if you have a closet full of clothes you haven’t worn in a while, there’s a favorite piece that you keep returning to. If you don’t have that dress in your life, you need to get it.
This is the dress that you’re looking for because it works on so many different occasions.
It has wide straps that work on a broad range of body types and can be worn with heels or flats and still look great. It’s versatile enough that you can wear it on a brunch date, pack on a road trip, or on a girl’s night out. 

Skinny Jeans

Every person, man or woman, needs a favorite pair of jeans that they can depend on wearing when all other outfit choices fail them. Jeans are acceptable for just about every occasion, which makes them a hugely essential part of your wardrobe.
Skinny jeans are always flattering, and can easily be dressed up by pairing them with some killer heels. They’re also easy to slip boots over or go for an extra laid-back look by donning some sneakers. 

A Trench Coat

This is an investment piece that you need even if you live in a sunnier environment. If where you live is warm, you can get a lighter coat, but no matter what, it’s a timeless investment that can be worn with anything.
Get an A-line shape that you can draw in at the waist with a belt, a cut that will flatter you for years no matter how much you may or may not fluctuate in shape. You can wear them with a dress, jeans, and basically everything. 

White T-Shirt

Whether you’re rock and roll or blue-collar, a white t-shirt can be paired with anything from jeans to dress pants. Make sure you get quality material so you can wear your favorite t-shirt time and time again without having to replace it.
You might even want to get more than one. Invest in a v-neck and a classic neck to diversify your options. 

Jean Jacket

When you’re looking for something to throw on over any outfit when it gets chilly outside, nothing is as versatile as a jean jacket.
Jeans literally match with everything, and a jean jacket is no exception. Consider buying it slightly large in order to be able to slip it on over any outfit you might be wearing without having to worry about it being too tight. 

Black Pants

Getting black pants is an important part of building your professional wardrobe. A great pair of well-fitted pants can be worn so many places – from a big business meeting to a job interview.
They pair with any blouse, so you can wear them day in and day out and not have to worry about repeating outfits. 

Black Pumps

Just like black pants, getting a quality pair of black pumps works wonders for your wardrobe because you can wear them over and over. They’re simple and understated enough to be worn many times but never look like you’ve lost any of your fashion edges.
Be realistic about the heel height. If you’re someone who likes more comfortable shoes, make sure you don’t overdo it with the inch measurement you decide to buy. 

Button-Up Shirt

Especially if you’re in the office or professional scene, you can’t have a wardrobe unless you have a crisp button-up shirt. Get your blazer, your button-up shirt, black pants, and black pumps, and you have the most classic outfit you can get your hands on.
You can dress down your button-up as well when you add a statement necklace and throw on some jeans. Make the entire outfit seem less structured by undoing a button or two. 

Ballet Flats

Heels are great for looking dressed up, but wearing heels constantly isn’t good for your back or your feet. Add a pair of ballet flats into your wardrobe and your feet will thank you.
You can get ballet flats with detailing to keep that dressy feel you could achieve with heels – find some with sparkle or pattern for a more fun look. Or you can keep it classic with black or beige to make sure that your shoes match with any outfit that you can find. 

A Neutral Cardigan

When you’re able to layer clothing items, you can create an unlimited number of outfits. A cardigan that matches with most clothes in your wardrobe opens up a world of layering possibilities.
Make sure you have a cardigan that’s appropriate for the climate you live in. If you buy a light cardigan but always have to bundle up, it’s going to sit in your closet unused. The same goes the other way – if you buy a cardigan that’s too warm, you’re never going to want to wear it. 

A Favorite Scarf

If you’re looking for something to grab that makes any outfit look more put-together, a scarf is just what you need.
If you have to choose just one, a classic neutral knitted scarf matches virtually any outfit. But it’s always fun to have a scarf that adds a pop of color to any ensemble as well. 

A Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is an instant and easy way to add intrigue to any dull outfit. If you’re running from work to a dinner date, pop on a statement necklace, and you’re all ready to go.
There’s not one single accessory out there that can change your look as much as a statement necklace, so pick yourself out one that matches a large number of outfits, and you’ll always be ready for whatever occasion strikes. 

Assess Your Wardrobe

It’s time to look at your wardrobe and see if you have the essentials – and even if you have much more than the wardrobe-essentials. Maybe you need to cut back on the volume of clothes you own.
Consider a capsule wardrobe for minimalistic living. You get to pare down to just the basics and breathe a little easier knowing you’ll still always have something to wear.


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